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This is a list of known independent video game wikis on the Internet.

About this page[edit | edit source]

This page lists known independent video game wikis, their sites, memberships in wiki networks, and their hosts (where known). In cases where the host is unknown or is known to host only one or two wikis, the host is listed as "Self-hosted"; this prevents requests for hosting new wikis to those hosts, unless otherwise desired.

Wikis which have forked from Fandom are also marked, to better identify those with experience in forking from Fandom.

List of independent video game wikis[edit | edit source]

GWN Gaming Wiki Network member
IWF Independent Wiki Federation member
NIWA Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance member
SEIWA Square Enix Independent Wiki Alliance member
VWN Valve Wiki Network member
Subject Matter Wiki Language Memberships Fork from Fandom? Host
Amiibo Amiibopedia ES Self-hosted
Animal Crossing Nookipedia EN NIWA ✔️ Self-hosted
Animal Crossing Animal Crossing Enciclopedia ES Self-hosted
Apple Gaming Apple Gaming Wiki EN Self-hosted
Baldur's Gate 3 Baldur's Gate 3 Wiki EN Self-hosted
Banjo-Kazooie Jiggywikki EN GWN ✔️ Grifkuba
Conker Conker Wiki EN GWN Grifkuba
Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot Wiki EN GWN Grifkuba
Creatures Creatures Wiki EN Self-hosted
Chrono Chrono Wiki EN SEIWA ABXY
Cut Content The Cutting Room Floor EN Self-hosted
Cut Content (Valve) Valve Cut Content Wiki EN Self-hosted
Destiny Destinypedia EN Self-hosted
Destiny 2 Destiny 2 Wiki EN Self-hosted
Diablo Diablo Wiki EN Self-hosted
Doom Doom Wiki EN ✔️ Self-hosted
Dragalia Lost Dragalia Lost Wiki EN NIWA ✔️ Self-hosted
Dragon Quest Dragon Quest Wiki EN ✔️ Self-hosted
Drawn to Life Drawn to Life Wiki EN NIWA ✔️ Self-hosted
Dwarf Fortress Dwarf Fortress Wiki EN Self-hosted
EarthBound WikiBound EN NIWA Grifkuba
EarthBound WikiBound IT NIWA Grifkuba
Elder Scrolls Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages (UESP) EN UESP
End of the Line (MUD) EotL Wiki EN Self-hosted
EverQuest EQ Wiki EN Self-hosted
EverQuest Fanra's EverQuest Wiki EN Self-hosted
F-Zero F-Zero Wiki EN NIWA ✔️ Bulbagarden
Fallout Independent Fallout Wiki EN GWN IWF ✔️ Self-hosted
Fallout Les Archives de Vault-Tec FR Self-hosted
Fallout 3/NV Modding GECK Wiki EN Self-hosted
Fighting Games (General) SuperCombo Wiki EN Self-hosted
Fighting Games (Arc System Works) Dustloop Wiki EN Self-hosted
Fighting Games (Niche) Mizuumi Wiki EN Self-hosted
Fighting Games (SNK) Dream Cancel Wiki EN Self-hosted
Fighting Games (Super Nintendo) Super Fighting Wiki EN Self-hosted
Fighting Games (Treasure) Treasure Fighters Wiki EN Self-hosted
Final Fantasy Final Fantasy Wiki EN GWN IWF SEIWA Grifkuba
Final Fantasy XIV Online Final Fantasy XIV Online Wiki EN Self-hosted
Fire Emblem Fire Emblem Wiki EN NIWA System Theta
Game Developers GDRI EN Self-hosted
Golden Sun Golden Sun Universe EN NIWA Self-hosted
Granblue Fantasy Granblue Fantasy Wiki EN Self-hosted
Grand Theft Auto Grand Theft Wiki EN ✔️ Self-hosted
Grand Theft Auto WikiGTA EN Self-hosted
Grand Theft Auto WikiGTA NL Self-hosted
Half-Life/Portal Combine OverWiki EN VWN ✔️ Self-hosted
Halo Halopedia EN ✔️ Porplemontage Enterprises
Hollow Knight Hollow Knight Wiki EN GWN ✔️ ABXY
Kid Icarus Icaruspedia EN NIWA ✔️ ABXY
Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts Database EN GWN IWF Self-hosted
Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts Wiki EN NIWA SEIWA ✔️ Porplemontage Enterprises
Kirby WiKirby EN NIWA System Theta
Koei Tecmo Koei Tecno Wiki EN ✔️ ABXY
Magical Vacation Kovopedia EN NIWA ✔️ Self-hosted
Mamiya Mamiya Wiki EN GWN Self-hosted
Mana Wiki of Mana EN GWN Grifkuba
MediEvil Gallowpedia EN GWN ✔️ Dan's Friend
Megami Tensei Megami Tensei Wiki EN Self-hosted
Metal Gear Metal Gear Wiki EN IWF ✔️ Self-hosted
Metroid Metroid Wiki EN NIWA ABXY
Minecraft Minecraft Wiki EN ✔️ Weird Gloop
Mystery Dungeon Mystery Dungeon Franchise Wiki EN NIWA ✔️ Self-hosted
NieR Automata (Lore) The Ark EN Self-hosted
Nintendo NintendoWiki EN NIWA Bulbagarden
Nintendo Mii MiiWiki EN NIWA System Theta
Old World Blues Old World Blues Wiki EN GWN ✔️
PC Gaming PC Gaming Wiki EN Self-hosted
Pikmin Pikipedia EN NIWA ✔️ Porplemontage Enterprises
Pikmin Pikmin Fanon EN NIWA ✔️ System Theta
Pikmin Pikipedia IT NIWA System Theta
Pokémon Bulbapedia EN NIWA Bulbagarden
Pokémon WikiDex ES Self-hosted
Pokémon Pokémon Central Wiki IT NIWA Self-hosted
Portal Portal Unofficial Wiki EN VWN Self-hosted
Project Zomboid Project Zomboid Wiki EN Self-hosted
Quake Quake Wiki EN Self-hosted
Rare Ltd. Rare Wiki EN GWN ✔️ Grifkuba
Rayman RayWiki EN GWN Self-hosted
Rhythm Heaven Rhythm Heaven Wiki EN NIWA ✔️ Self-hosted
RuneScape RuneScape Wiki EN ✔️ Weird Gloop
SaGa SaGa Wiki EN GWN ✔️ Grifkuba
Sega Sega Retro EN Retro
Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic Archive EN IWF Self-hosted
Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic Retro EN Retro
Sony Cambridge Studio SCEE Cambridge Wiki EN ✔️ Dan's Friend
Speedrunning Speedrunwiki EN GWN Self-hosted
Splatoon Inkipedia EN NIWA ✔️ ABXY
Splatoon Inkipedia ES ✔️ ABXY
Spyro Spyro Wiki EN GWN Grifkuba
Square Enix Square Enix Wiki EN SEIWA Grifkuba
Star Citizen Star Citizen Wiki EN Self-hosted
Stardew Valley Stardew Valley Wiki EN Self-hosted
Starfield Starfield Wiki EN UESP
Star Fox Lylat Wiki EN NIWA Grifkuba
Star Trek Online Star Trek Online Wiki EN GWN ✔️ Self-hosted
Strategy Guides StrategyWiki EN NIWA SEIWA ABXY
Super Mario 64 Ukikipedia EN NIWA Self-hosted
Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Wiki EN NIWA Porplemontage Enterprises
Super Mario Bros. MarioWiki DE NIWA ✔️ Self-hosted
Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Wiki IT NIWA ✔️ Self-hosted
Super Smash Bros. SmashWiki EN NIWA ✔️ Porplemontage Enterprises
Super Smash Bros. SmashPedia ES ✔️ Self-hosted
Team Fortress Team Fortress Official Wiki EN VWN Self-hosted
Tekken Tekkenpedia EN Self-hosted
Tekken Tekkenpedia RU Self-hosted
Tekken 7 Wavu Wiki EN Self-hosted
Tetris Hard Drop - Tetris Wiki EN NIWA Self-hosted
The Coffin of Andy and LeyLey WiKirby EN GWN Self-hosted
The Legend of Dragoon Legend of Dragoon Unified Wiki EN Self-hosted
The Legend of Zelda Triforce Wiki EN GWN Grifkuba
The Legend of Zelda Zelda Wiki EN NIWA ✔️ ABXY
The Legend of Zelda Zelda Dungeon EN Self-hosted
The Legend of Zelda Zeldapendium DE NIWA Self-hosted
The Legendary Starfy The Legendary Starfy Wiki EN NIWA Self-hosted
Tomb Raider WikiRaider EN Self-hosted
Tomb Raider WikiRaider DE Self-hosted
Toontown Rewritten Toontown Rewritten Wiki EN ✔️ Self-hosted
Touhou Touhou Wiki EN Self-hosted
Wars Wars Wiki EN NIWA ABXY
Wizardry Wizardry Wiki EN GWN IWF ✔️
Xenogears/Xenoblade Xeno Series Wiki EN NIWA Self-hosted
Xenogears/Xenoblade Xenopedia IT NIWA Self-hosted

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